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May is Older Americans Month- Check out these resources provided by the ACL: Administration for Community Living

10 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help

Why Everyone Should Plan for Long-Term Care

Communicating Better with Health Professionals 

Healthy Living Tips- Caregiver Survival Tips

Home Modification

Assistive Technology: Tools to Improve the Everyday

Giving to the Next Generation


12 Activities for People with Dementia

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living: What’s the Difference?

A Place for Mom is Offering a SALE on Adaptive Clothing

5 Tips to Help Your Parents Transition to Assisted Living

A Place for Mom: Find senior living near you!

Finding Senior Living for Elderly Couples 

Early Signs of Dementia: What You Need to Know

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

New Year’s Resolutions

From Grieving a Loss to Celebrating a Life

Take Care to Give Care

I Love Fall!

Purple Pride

Eleven Seconds

Sunny Days

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