July 30, 2020 

How to Plan for Care at Each Stage of Dementia  

Learn the symptoms and type of care needed in the early, middle, and late stages of dementia.

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 Is It Time to Take Away the Car Keys?  

Know the risk factors and signs your parent is unsafe behind the wheel. Plus, find helpful tips and resources to make the conversation easier.

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 An Expert’s Guide to Grooming and Hygiene  

Read a pro caregiver’s do’s and don’ts to accomplish bathing, dressing, and other essential tasks more easily while maintaining your loved one’s dignity.

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Local Advisors A world of knowledge

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 Q&A From Family Caregivers Learn from the experience of other caregivers, ask questions, or offer your own tips and advice on AgingCare’s Caregiver Forum. 

Q: I am sole caretaker of my mother (95). She lives in her own home but needs constant care. My sister is POA but refuses to get me relief. Advice?
My sister is in charge of all her finances and refuses to get me some help with caring for my mother. What do I do? 

Q: Mom’s caregiver is stealing food from her freezer. She has been such a good dependable caregiver, I hate to replace her. What to do?
I really hate to lose this one and it really isn’t the food, it is more that I feel cautious about trusting her now. Finding another caregiver just fills me with despair. 

Q: I find it hard to be a daughter to my mother because she has Alzheimer’s and I am her caregiver. So now I am more like the parent. Help!!
I have now been my mom’s caregiver going on 2 years. I feel more like her warden instead of her daughter. 

Q: Father with dementia is wandering into rooms of other residents in Assisted Living Facility. Any tips on how to manage this behavior?
My father used to be very active and I believe the boredom and frustration is the reason for his agitation and wandering. My greatest fear is that he will be asked to leave. 

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