If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, a Respite Provider or a Homemaker, please complete the “Caregiver Application”.

If you are a Care receiver or know someone that is, Please fill out the “Care Receiver Application”

Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers provide services such as transportation, grocery shopping assistance and friendly visiting to seniors and others living with a disability. Volunteers can be assigned to a specific Carereceiver or simply be on an “On Call List.” All volunteers receive mileage reimbursement, recognition, and are covered under the program’s liability insurance.

Become a Respite Provider!

Respite Providers are Certified Nursing Assistants, RNs or LPNs and provide in-home care to family members that need a break from their Caregiving duties. Respite Providers are paid an hourly rate by the Carereceiver and are covered under liability insurance.

Become a Homemaker!

Homemakers help improve and maintain a high quality of life for seniors and disabled individuals by assisting with daily household duties such as cleaning, laundry and meal preparation. Homemakers are considered “private contractors” and are paid an hourly rate by Northwoods Caregivers.

Become a Supporter!

Through Northwoods Caregivers, your contribution will make a difference in our community! Consider a financial gift to support the volunteers who are helping their neighbors.

Become a Member Congregation!

Member Congregations commit to providing a Congregational Contact and a yearly financial contribution to Northwoods Caregivers. For more information on becoming a Member Congregation, please contact us!

For more information on how to Get Involved, please contact us toll free (888)-534-4432 or (218) 333-8264.