First City Visitation Services

What is First City Visitation Services?

Parent with childThe mission of First City Visitation and Safe Exchange Services is to offer a positive, safe, child-friendly and neutral site where children and parents can be assured that a supervised visitation or exchange will be safe and conflict free. These services assure that there is no contact between parents or guardians during any of the offered services. All services are offered on a sliding fee scale in order to keep them affordable for the families who need services. Services may be utilized by parents, grandparents, guardians, foster-parents and all other situation where visitation may be required.

Who is Eligible?

Child walkingParents/Guardians and children who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Fear of possible violence or intimidation connected with an exchange/visitation
  • Concern the non-custodial parent will not return the child after the visit
  • Children who are in foster care because of abuse or neglect, but are allowed supervised visits
  • Supervised visits ordered by the court

What does it cost?

First City Visitation Services are provided on a Sliding Fee Scale in order to keep it affordable for everyone requiring these services. Fees must be paid in advance before a visit or exchange can take place. Some counties served by First City do pay for these visits.

How do I schedule a visit or exchange?

Happy FamilyOnce each parent and/or guardian have been separately interviewed, a staff member will explain how the visitation program works and will assist with the completion of the necessary forms (a nominal fee of $30 per party will be charged to cover the cost of this meeting).

After the intake interview, when payment has been received, a visit or exchange can be scheduled based on of staff availability.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call: (218) 333-8264