Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With Dementia Behaviors

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Q&A From Family Caregivers

Learn from the experience of other caregivers, ask questions, or offer your own tips and advice on AgingCare’s Caregiver Forum. 

Q: Very little money and can’t expect any pay for caring for mom. Any ideas?

Mom can’t walk or care for herself. I stay home to care for her, but she doesn’t make enough SS to pay me. I don’t know what to do to ease the financial burden this is putting on my poor husband. 

Q: Mom is dying. Should I take her home to pass? She is in a memory care home and I can’t see her.

The facility said they would let us see her only if hospice said death is imminent. Not sure if we should wait?
Q: My mom has started pacing back and forth and round and round furniture. She says she has to do it. What stage is this?

Mom has started doing this daily. I can’t get her to the doctor anymore, but they did previously indicate she has Alzheimer’s. The pacing thing is new… she’s changed so much this year. 

Q: Mom keeps saying she’s dying; is this depression, or does she know something I don’t?

For the last few months, she’s been saying how she’s on borrowed time, she’s “a whisper away from heaven,” she could die any day, etc. I’ve offered to come and help her, but she keeps saying, “well I might not be here tomorrow.” Advice? 

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