September 3, 2020  As World Alzheimer’s Month begins, we focus on solutions for seniors with dementia and their families. Learn simple techniques to improve communication, sleep suggestions, nutrition tips for better memory, and how to avoid costly money mistakes in the early stages of dementia. 
  Video: Teepa Snow’s Dementia Communication Tips  Joan Lunden talks with dementia educator Teepa Snow about simple techniques for positive, productive interactions with your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another kind of dementia. Read More 

Dementia and Sleep: Advice for a Better Night’s Rest
Sleep problems linked to dementia are a common cause of caregiver stress. Understand the causes and how to help people with dementia sleep better at night.
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Top Minerals and Vitamins for Memory

Discover important nutrients studies suggest boost memory and decrease dementia risk. Plus, the tasty foods that contain them.
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Early-Stage Dementia: Protecting Elderly Parents’ Assets

Even early on, dementia makes managing money more difficult. Learn tips to protecting elderly parents’ assets and signs of elder financial abuse.
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Q&A From Family Caregivers

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Q: Mom took good care of her parents & my dad when they were all old & sick. Now it’s my turn to care for mom but I hate it…
Am I a bad daughter???? Mom is physically ok and not ready for memory care. It just scares me that mom will live to be a 100.
Q: When is it time to get help at home?
My loved one seems good one day then confused the next. I’m not sure how she will take it if someone comes to help.
Q: Should two parents, both with dementia, live together?
Both of them are in early-moderate stages of their respective types of dementia. Is it best for them to stay together even though Dad (alone) could be in a State-run VA facility?
Q: Stepmother will not arrange care. What should I do?
When she is in the hospital, Dad with dementia cannot stay home alone. She refuses to get in home care and she will not have him in a nursing home. APS said I cannot force her to get care. This is wearing me out.
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