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Q: I’m having a problem keeping my wife at home. She wants to go to the store 3 or 4 times a day. The virus? What virus? How do we stop this?

Am I neglecting my wife’s needs and my own mind by trying to take care of her myself? 

Q: Retirement home says father is not a good fit and he (they) would be happier if he left. He is putting increasing stress on staff. Advice?

From the minute Dad wakes up he starts phone calls demanding to go home. He makes nasty threats. He phoned police yesterday demanding they take him home. The stress is over the top for everyone. 

Q: My mom tells us things that I know are not true. Do we just go along with it?

Is this a normal thing for Alzheimer’s patients? I do feel like the change to her routine is really taking a toll on her mind and I don’t know what we can do to help it. 

Q: At what point do I just sell dad’s house?

Dad has not been to his house in 2 years but will not give us permission to sell it or even start cleaning it out. I have POA, am trustee of his trust and deal with all his bills. He never asks anything about the house, the maintenance or the bills. 

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